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We have own website, App and even App for Apple Watch

PrO. tolk via tolk24.se



Most difficult on Developer life!

. I had very difficult to build my websites and keep them fri from attack, Malware & viruses.., it'a a matter of daily headache which never end.. still not get totally red of all damages but I am learning how to block all attack!

Most activities for LIA work

I did my LIA in my own Company (https://orderanapp.com) & (https://tolk24.se), where I had to build websites on demand for my customers.. I take order from my clients to build websites and apps/ IOS & Android. _ At the moment I am working full time as interpreter for the public services, including Polis, Court, tull Customer, Job center, hospital etc.. this is my main work. On this LIA, I had to develop my private websites / they are many.. I list some of them below. Most CMS I use is Word Press, and Elementor as editing tool, plus many plugins. . -

LIA difficulties..

I did face "nightmare" with Malware, attack & viruses who attacks my entire housing web space.. since I have many websites so it was economically impossible to pay for each website to be clean /only once by the specialist..! so I did argue lot with the hosting company where I did host my websites. they were not so welling to help with extra payments.. even I did clean manually some websites.. but all what I did vanished next day and the most attack was "Malware"!. I did change the hosting company from (https://bluehost.com to https://a2.hotsing.com) where they had isolation websites by each website own C-panel.. but that huge matter didn't help much! I kept attacked non stop! this matter about protect your website, or master Malware didn't include my education in my College, so via Lynda.com I went som courses to learn how to clean my hosting space.. and I still not full done with this matter yet. This Malware cleaning, demand extreme much time, patience.. and I had zero support!

Some of my websites below:

          This website below, are one of the order I got under LIA period. A customer who don’t have time to communicate or continue with build process. the only good thing I did is that I got paid on time!

Since it is my customer responsibility to renew his domain, (which he did not!) so his own domain until today date (https://cosmenticroyal.com) is not renew yet! so I did move the site to one of my own domain (https://tolkarab.online) so to keep the site online! strange customers I had!


Interpreting world wide, Base Sweden


We help with visa and education attend in any university world wide


this is one of the translation website, for emergencies


this is one of the translation website, for Arabic language


my own commercial website


Privat site

ScandicAccounting AB

scandic accounting in Malmö


this is one of the translation website, this is the main site





Welcome to our Taekwondo website! We are thrilled to share our passion for this martial art


what I have done 2019

Main Work

My main work is Interpreter.. that why I build many websites for that purpose, hoping to reach the top of google search .. with the magic word "Interpreter (tolk) !

Tolk24 Android


this is one of the translation website, for Arabic speakers

Coming soon

   One of my website, which is already a history now on … 

Web Designer

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2016 - to Present

Medborgare Skolan _ Malmö

Interpreter Education for English, Francais and Arabic Languages, did pass with very good result. further goes to Authorisation course via Kammarkollegiet.se

2013 - 2015

Martial Arts (Taekwondo WTF) 4 black belt grade, official certificate from Kukkiwon/ Korea

Been practice Taekwondo WFT style since more then 35 years. and that why I did achieves so far 4 Black belts. have even practice ITF Taekwondo Style.  

2012 - 2019


building commercials Webpage on demand via my own website (orderanapp.se) for public. even app both IOS & Android.

About Me

Born in Lebanon, moved to France when I was 15, moved to London, further 30 different countries to find Sweden is the most stable country to continue my residence since some years now. 



Cross Platform app dev.


Digital wbe& App dev.Course


Royal College of Art


Photoshop 90%
WordPress 80%
Illustrator 60%
InDesign 75%
Html & CSS 90%



Taekwondosweden.com (my favourite website for my own app)

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